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Legal Amazon Governors gather for debates in Cuiabá
21 de August 2017 às 9:55 am

By Fernanda Barbosa Edited by Samuel Simões Neto Photo: Elinaldo Santos The representatives of the states [...] read more

Subnational Climate Partnerships Announced in GCF meeting
19 de June 2015 às 3:24 pm

Norway, Rainforest States, Indigenous Leaders and California Strengthen Key Agreements Author: GCF Task [...] read more

Tackling Climate Change from the Ground Up
16 de June 2015 às 5:43 pm

Innovative Regional Leaders Gather in Barcelona to Forge New Partnerships Author: GCF Task Force Image: [...] read more

State of California signs the Rio Branco Declaration
6 de April 2015 às 5:16 pm

GCF Task Force California, USA - Mary Nichols, Chair of California’s Air Resources Board (ARB), [...] read more

Coalition Of 600 Defends Paiter-Surui, Questions Reporting Of Critics
11 de March 2015 às 11:35 am

by Steve Zwick, AnthropoZine The Amazon Working Group, a grassroots network of 600 associations [...] read more

Paiter-Surui Take Stock Of Community Fund Charged With Managing Finances
19 de January 2015 às 5:13 pm

Steve Zwick, from Ecosystem Marketplace - One month after an opposition leader of the Paiter-Surui [...] read more

Trainings search for improvements in the açaí supply chain
16 de January 2015 às 5:34 pm

By Larissa Mahall - Idesam and Instituto Coca-Cola Brasil are working together to develop a tracking [...] read more

Idesam performs public use diagnosys of the Anavilhanas National Park
13 de January 2015 às 4:15 pm

by Rogério Lima -  From December 12th to 19th, an Idesam team went on field to perform data collection of [...] read more

National REDD+ Strategy: “Lack of dialogue between Federal Government and states”
16 de December 2014 às 12:02 pm

By Mariano Cenamo* and Luiza Lima** Brazil has a leadership role in the negotiations at the United [...] read more

Amazonian states contribute to national REDD+ strategy
19 de February 2014 às 5:20 pm

The six Brazilian member states of the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF) launched a report, [...] read more

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