Here you can check the main multimedia content of Idesam, produced by our staff and/or partner to promote our work. Subscribe in our channels at Youtube e Vimeo.

Check the following video reportage and interviews done with Idesam neste link.

nova-amazonia-tv-brasilNew Amazon Program

The New Amazon Program staff visited the Sustainable Development Reserve of Uatumã and showed two initiatives that have improved the life of the people living in the reserve: Idesam’s Neutral Carbon Program and Communitary Forestry Management. Check another episode of 2013 about green economy, featuring Mariano Cenamo. Watch the videos

ponto-de-equilibrioBalance Point Program

The Balance Point Program interviews the founder and senior researcher of Idesam, forestry engineer Mariano Cenamo. Among the discussed themes, the sustainable development of Amazon and the Neutral Carbon Program, which compensates Greenhouse Effect gases emissions through seedlings plantations int he Uatumã reserve. Watch the videos

concurso-jefConcurso Jovens Empreendedores Florestais

The videos show statements of the members of the Forestry Forum of Amazonas (, created by Idesam in 2010, talking about forestry management in the state of Amazonas. Also check the statements of the Young Forestry Entrepreneurs Contest winners, which happened between March and June 2014. Watch the videos

idesam-em-apui-videosProjeto Semeando Sustentabilidade em Apuí

Meet the work developed by Idesam in Apuí. Apuí is a town located in the south of Amazonas, in a region known as a new deforestation limit of the Amazon. Through activities of reforestation, low impact development and enviromental education, Idesam aims to reverse this scenery. Watch the videos

video-cafe-agroflorestaProjeto Café em Agrofloresta

In 2012, Idesam started one more project in Apuí, town located in the south of Amazonas. With the support of Vale Fund and partnership with Imaflora, the initiative aims to stablish a network of agroforestry coffee producers, valuing the town’s production and using techniques that won’t harm the environment. Watch the video

especial-carbono-neutro-beneficiadosNeutral Carbon Program Special

In this video series, produced by Amazon Sat, we show the operation of Idesam’s Neutral Carbon Program and how the plantations results are improving the life quality of people living in the Uatumã Reserve, represented by producers Aldemir Queiroz and José Monteiro, partners with Idesam since 2011. Watch the videos

video-carbono-neutroMeet the Neutral Carbon Program!

Do you know what greenhouse effect gases? And agroforestry systems? The video explains, in a simple and didactic way, how the Neutral Carbon Program works, compensating carbon emissions through plantations of trees in the Sustainable Development Reserve of Uatumã. Assista ao vídeo

empoderamento-organizacoes-florestaisOrganizations Empowerment Project

In the videos, you check partners’ statement of the Social Organizations Empowerment from the East of Amazonas. They’re representatives of traditional communities, associations and syndicates; people that have met and trusted Idesam’s work, offering us support in the execution of our activities. Watch the videos

merito-ambiental-idesam-depoimento-luiz-castroIdesam receives honours at General Assembly of Amazonas

Celebrating the Environment National Day (June 5th), the General Assembly of Amazonas, through the Environment Comission, promoted a special session to recognize the work of organizations that work for the conservation and sustainable development – and Idesam was one of the honoured organizations. Watch the video

viagens-pela-amazonia Trips Across the Amazon Program

The “Trips Across the Amazon” staff went to the Sustainable Development Reserve of Uatumã to show how activities, such as environmental monitoring, agroforestry production and management, contribute to improving the life quality of local communities, generating income for the people who live in the reserve. Watch the videos.